Female Dress (Group Class)

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Tape Rule, Tailor's Chalk, Fabric/Brown Paper, Scissors, French Curve

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Ball Dress

All we intend doing is to see beginners in fashion start their day one with the sense of cutting out a ball dress without stress.

6 Pieces Dress

This course explains in detail how the female six pieces dresses are made in a language so clear as glass.

Princess Dart Dress

This video simply picks a walk from start to finish on how to make a remarkable princess dart dress.

Pleated Dress With French Dart

This is a well detailed course on how to cut a well tailored French Dart on your Pleated Dress.

Canopy Dress

This is how to make a canopy dress the easy way.

Patched Scolopy Jean Gown

This video shows the making of a Scolopy jean short Dress

Kissing Pleated Dress With Center Slit Design

Kissing Pleated Dress With Center Slit Design

Umbrella Dress With Godet

Umbrella Dress With Godet

8pcs Dress

8pcs Dress

Ankara In Pinafor Cut

Ankara In Pinafor Cut

Section 1: Ball Dress

Section 2: 6 Pieces Dress

Section 3: Princess Dart Dress

Section 4: Pleated Dress With French Dart

Section 5: Canopy Dress

Section 6: Patched Scolopy Jean Gown

Section 7: Kissing Pleated Dress With Center Slit Design

Section 8: Umbrella Dress With Godet

Section 9: 8pcs Dress

Section 10: Ankara In Pinafor Cut

10 Students Applied

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